As Halloween Approaches, Concerned Citizens Are Calling Mayor Garcetti TODAY To Urge That Los Angeles Animal Services Stop Free Adoptions Of Cats This Weekend

Photo from SPCLA is of three-month-old Macie ID # 18-07430. WAN prays she, and all animals, find safety with their adopters.

As kitten season is winding down, the 2018 holiday season is starting up; beginning with Halloween.

Despite it being a time of year when animal shelters are often besieged with cats in need of forever homes, it is also a time when extra caution is needed when placing them.

As Halloween nears, many animal shelters and rescue organizations have long refrained from adopting out cats, especially black cats, in order to prevent any harm from coming to the them. That it was why it was shocking to learn that some shelters throughout the United States are now offering cats for reduced adoption fees, or worse, free.

Such is the case in Los Angeles where this weekend all six LA Animal Services Centers are offering a special “treat” to people in which cats over four-months-old will be available for adoption for free.

While the intention behind this promotion may be good, it could mean bad news for innocent animals falling into the wrong hands.

This has many animal advocates alarmed and questioning if this is more about reducing numbers so that Los Angeles can appear to be a “no-kill” city, than it is about protecting these animals and finding them safe and loving homes.

“It is well known that Halloween is a dangerous time for cats, in particular, black cats. Many reputable rescue groups stop adopting out cats during this time, and people are encouraged to keep their cats indoors. Tragically, there are some people who use cats for satanic rituals as well as use this holiday as an excuse to abuse animals,” Limor Rosenthal, a concerned local pet-parent, told WAN.  “Shelters are supposed to protect animals, not put them at risk. What they are doing is unethical. I don’t believe in free adoptions to begin with, it draws in animal abusers. However, if there has to be one, at least have it weeks before Halloween to ensure a better vetting process.”

The Los Angeles County shelters are also reducing adoption fees in half for kittens, dogs, and puppies, which also has opponents of this event concerned that some of the “discounted” dogs may also be a risk of being used for dog fighting or other forms of abuse.

The fact that we have to worry about horrible things happening to innocent animals that are adopted out is disheartening, but necessary.

Rosenthal is among the many people appealing to animal services and local government, including Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti who supports animal welfare, to stop this event offering cats for free.

“Every pet should have a home where they are loved, cared for, and valued,” Mayor Gasrcetti said in a statement at the beginning of this year while referring to the City’s partnership with the No-Kill Los Angeles Coalition. “Every Angeleno who loves animals can help by adopting, fostering, and volunteering at their local shelters.”

While reviewing the SPCA LA website for adoptable animals we came across numerous black cats looking for forever families and are also concerned that they will be available to anyone for free this weekend.

We pray that they, and all the animals at the shelters, are adopted by compassionate and responsible people.

It is critical that people wanting to express their disapproval of the Los Angeles Animal Services reduced-fee or free adoption event this weekend use their voice for the voiceless today!

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti can be reached at (213) 978-0600 or by email at Alternatively, the City’s Help Desk phone number is (213) 978-1028.

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