ASPCA Assists Union County Sheriff’s Office In Rescuing More Than 75 Animals From Florida Cruelty Case

At the request of the Union County Sheriff’s Office, the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) assisted with the rescue of more than 75 animals – including dogs, cats, and small equines – from a property in Lake Butler, Florida. The ASPCA is also assisting with evidence collection, forensics exams, medical care, and behavioral enrichment for the animals. The majority of the animals are being relocated to an emergency shelter operated by the ASPCA at an undisclosed location, while the equines are being transported to a veterinary hospital for ongoing care.

On Friday, investigators arrived on the property and discovered the animals living in substandard conditions and exhibiting signs of neglect, with some living in unsanitary kennels and suffering from various medical issues.

“Animal cruelty should not be tolerated anywhere, and the ASPCA is grateful to the Union County Sheriff’s Office for pursuing this case and continuing to make animal welfare issues a priority in their community,” said Jasmine Holsinger, Animal Placement Manager for ASPCA Field Investigations and Response in a statement. “The animals we rescued today were living in poor conditions where their basic needs were not being met, and we look forward to providing them with much-needed care that will allow them to thrive.”

The following animal welfare organizations provided volunteers to assist the ASPCA with this case: Animal Welfare League of Charlotte County – Port Charlotte, Florida; Citrus County Animal Services – Inverness, Florida; and San Diego Humane Society – San Diego, California.

Animal cruelty charges are pending based on evidence collected by the Union County Sheriff’s Office with the assistance of ASPCA experts in support of the investigation. The ASPCA is also providing support to ensure the best legal outcome for these animals.

The ASPCA deploys nationally to assist local authorities in animal cruelty cases including animal fighting, hoarding, and puppy mills. It also provides local communities with resources including grant funding, training, and subject matter expertise to effectively assist animals during cruelty and disaster situations. In 2018, the ASPCA assisted nearly 22,000 animals impacted by cruelty and disaster situations across the country.

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