Baby Elephant Saved By Truckers In Botswana


Truck Drivers Stop To Help A Thirsty Baby Elephant By The Side Of The Road.

A group of truck drivers were on their way through Botswana last weekend when a baby elephant popped out of the bushes on the side of the road.

They soon saw that this 3-week-old elephant needed help, there was sadly no adult elephants in sight. The baby was really thirsty so they offered him water.

Soon after, the baby elly was found,
the wonderful organization Elephants Without Borders stepped in to rescue her and is now caring for the orphaned, injured, traumatized baby elephant calf at their rescue center. The baby is very sensitive right now given the trauma of what happened to her and the rest of her family in the wild.

When she came to EWB, she was emaciated, dehydrated, with septic bite wounds, severely sunburned ears and severe diarrhea. So, although adorable and yet spunky, they have been concerned. However, with 11 days in the care of EWB, her wounds are healing, infections subsiding, diarrhea under control and she is stable, consuming and resting as needed.

Thank God for the wonderful people at Elephants Without Borders!

Credit: Elephants Without Borders, Disunity The Film 
Video by: Chantelle En Rudi Beyleveld

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