Bottom Of The Fast Food Chain: Slaughtering For “Sport” Exposed

The Dodo

Part of the fascinating nature of humans is our diverse appreciation for many things. Our uniqueness in personality, choice of hobby and expertise allows our society to be comprised of a vast array of commerce and activity.

From graphic designing to deep sea diving; there is little that can’t be accomplished and enjoyed for education, service or pleasure. We can travel the world, experience different cultures, learn another language and engage in a myriad of exciting new ventures. In short, there is almost nothing we can’t do.

Killing endangered species merely for fun should not be one of them, and excruciatingly, it is.

I literally feel I am in an alternate universe when I see someone smiling with pride in a picture after having murdered an elephant, rhinoceros, or other nearly extinct animal. I shutter in confusion and disbelief as though I have entered into ‘The Twilight Zone’ or another place completely foreign and frightening to me. How can any decent person do this?

Furthermore, shouldn’t it be completely illegal and subject to prosecution? There are so may dedicated teams of people working tirelessly to protect them, yet, these individuals will pay $250,000 or more gaining access to them for the purposes of senseless slaughter. These majestic creatures are to be cared for and appreciated, revered and safeguarded; instead, they are brutally destroyed for gluttony and greed. The word “sad” doesn’t begin to cover it.

In his recent article for Natural News, Ethan A Huff writes; “Reports indicate that Jimmy John Liautaud of the famous sandwich chain, Jimmy John’s, has been spending hundreds of thousands of dollars per hunting trip to gain access to these precious species, including one particular “trophy” hunt in which he spent a whopping $350,000 just to kill an extremely endangered female Black Rhino. Liautaud’s trophy hunts are apparently a routine pastime of his, just as they are for the many other bored millionaires out there with too much time and money on their hands who seem to get a kick out of taking out the rarest animals on our planet – beautiful creatures like leopards, rhinos, lions, and even elephants, which have the largest brains of any land animals. It’s the type of thing that, if more people knew about it, they’d likely stop eating at Jimmy John’s altogether. Mr. Jimmy John’s poaching fetish has been making the media rounds, and many are now calling for a national boycott of the sandwich chain, which has already been exposed for underpaying its employees and treating them like slave workers. The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported that social media users had attempted to launch a boycott of Jimmy John’s using the “#boycottjimmyjohns” hashtag on Twitter, though the company didn’t seem all that phased.”

Somehow, as infuriating as it may be, I can understand the mindset a fraction more of a poacher living in Sub-Saharan Africa who has lived and breathed these terrible acts for so long, as it is all they are familiar with and how they acquire income. A wealthy American business owner paying to do it for fun is something much worse.

The psyche of this behavior is what confounds me the most. understandably, we don’t all hold the very same things sacred. However, destruction of innocent life for sport should be upsetting and disturbing to us all.

Lastly, now that I am aware of this, I will never walk into a Jimmy John’s again; hopefully, you won’t either.

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