Brave Deputy Saves Bear Trapped Inside Vehicle Near Lake Tahoe, CA; Police Cam Video Reminds People To Lock Their Car Doors!

People in Northern California have been reminded to lock their car doors after a bear became trapped inside of one last week.

“A Placer County Sheriff’s deputy had to rescue a bear that trapped itself inside a car recently near Lake Tahoe,” noted a post of the department’s Facebook page which was accompanied by a nerve-wracking video taken at the scene. “The bear got into a Subaru Outback in Carnelian Bay and destroyed the interior so badly that the doors couldn’t be unlocked.”

The department decided the safest way to get the bear, who can be heard growling loudly in the video, out of the car was to break the window.

“Deputy Lade was brave enough to break the window,” the post continued, “allowing the bear to jump out and flee into the forest.”

While the outcome was positive in this case, the department and local media are using it as an important reminder for visitors and residents in the area to lock their car doors!

“We can stop 90% of this if you lock your car,” Deputy Lade told Good Day Sacramento.

Lade also noted that people should never leave anything in their cars that may put off any odor because bears are so sensitive; not even an empty soda can.

“Remember: If you come to visit us this summer at Lake Tahoe, please don’t leave food in your vehicle,” warned the post. “Once they get inside, you will not like what happens to the interior of your car!”

Lade explained that the owner of the vehicle arrived with the key fob but it was inactivated because the bear destroyed the interior and ripped the wires out.

“I told him, your car is totaled anyway,” Lade explained, “so we should pop the window.”

Lade pointed out that when he first attempted to break the window, he had done so lightly because he did not want his arm to go inside the car where the bear was.

Fortunately, despite the car rocking back and forth with the bear lunging toward him, Lade was able to safely shatter the window and the animal was freed.

More information on bear-proofing is available from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife  HERE!

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