Breaking! 16 Locations Of Hawaii’s Minit Stop Convenience Stores Replace Beef With Plant-Based Impossible Burger Options

Minit Stop, a prominent convenience store in Hawaii known for its high-quality, home-cooked cuisine, today announced a groundbreaking decision to eliminate beef from its menu; replacing it entirely with the Impossible Burger.

Minit Stop’s decision to remove all cow-based beef from its menu serves as a rallying cry for other restaurants to do the same, highlighting the importance of making more sustainable decisions — without any compromise on taste.

The flagship product from Impossible Foods is not only cruelty-free, but also requires vastly less land, water and energy than a conventional burger made from cows.

“We are noticing more and more residents and visitors opt for Impossible. Impossible’s plant-based burger smells and tastes like beef. So much so that we can add our own local flavor profile to it. We included ingredients from some of Hawaii’s favorite traditional recipes and created a winning combination unique to Minit Stop,” Minit Stop’s Vice President, Jon Miyabuchi, said in a statement. “Our customers have requested the Impossible Burger by name almost since it debuted in 2016. We are thrilled to give consumers exactly what they want, exactly what our planet needs, and with a local flavor profile twist.”

Hawaiian restaurants are among the nation’s highest-volume outlets for Impossible Burger sales, with some restaurants selling more than 100 plant-based patties per day. Minit Stop anticipates unprecedented sale volume of the Impossible Burger, which just last month debuted on grocery store shelves and immediately rocketed to the ‘number one’ position among all packaged goods sold at some of America’s favorite grocery stores.

Minit Stop, a Hawaiian institution, has 16 stores throughout Hawaii and Maui where people can refuel their cars and their stomachs. Two of their locations are fuel kiosks. The company embraces the concept of “pono,”  to do what is right, including for people and the planet.

Minit Stop estimates that it will serve up to 6,875 pounds of Impossible meat per month, and up to 82,500 pounds for the first year. That is the equivalent to removing 200 cars from the road for a year, preserving a land area of more than 400 football fields, and saving enough water to fill 55 million standard-size water bottles, not to mention the countless animals that will be saved as a result .

Minit Stop will offer nine different Impossible meal combinations, ranging from $7.49 to $12.99. The initial Impossible menu includes:

  • Impossible Sandwiches in regular and Teri burger flavors, debuting later this year

  • Impossible Burger Bowls in Meatloaf, Teri Burger, and Hamburger Steak styles

  • Impossible Burger Cheeseburger Flying Saucers— a Minit Stop signature item, debuting later this year. Make sure to add vegan cheese.

  • Impossible Burger Plate Lunches in Meatloaf, Teri Burger, and Hamburger Steak styles

The Impossible Burger is served in more than 17,000 restaurants in all 50 states and in nearly every type of cuisine, from burgers, tacos and pizza, to poke sushi burritos.

You can help all animals and our planet by choosing compassion on your plate and in your glass. #GoVeg

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