Breaking! 22 Dogs Rescued From Slaughterhouse That Supplied Dog Meat To Restaurants In Shanghai; Just Before China’s World Dog Show

As Shanghai prepares to host the 2019 World Dog Show despite global condemnation of China’s brutal dog meat trade, Chinese campaigners have exposed the sale of dog meat at restaurants in the same city as the major event.

In addition to identifying the restaurants, a Humane Society International partner group in Shanghai also rescued 22 dogs from one of the restaurant’s slaughterhouse suppliers. The dogs,  including a poodle and a French bulldog, are suspected to be stolen pets much like those being featured at the World Dog Show.

Promoted as a “joyful gathering for dog lovers and lovely dogs across the world,” The World Dog Show begins tomorrow on April 30th. However, not far from where the event will take place, three restaurants were found to be serving up dog meat soup for human consumption.

One of the restaurants displayed several dog meat dishes on its menu and also advertised dog meat in its window, with a sign boasting that its dog meat is supplied by slaughterhouses in Xuzhou city, notorious for the country’s biggest dog meat processing industry in Peixian county, Jiangsu Province. When the activists travelled to Peixian and visited one slaughterhouse, they discovered 22 dogs cowering in the corner of the facility having just witnessed their cage mates being beaten to death.

As there were several clues that these dogs were likely stolen pets, including a pile of dog hair and pet collars discarded in the corner, the activists were able to negotiate their release and swiftly rescue them.

“This investigation exposes the horrifying way that millions of China’s dogs are abused for the dog meat trade, while others are pampered for the pet trade, with those two worlds colliding when pet dogs are stolen from back yards and the street to be brutally killed for human consumption,” Dr. Peter Li, Humane Society International’s China policy expert, said in a statement. “Most people in China don’t eat dogs, and in fact, the World Dog Show in Shanghai is a prime example of a growing, younger, and more affluent Chinese population who love their canine companions and despise the dog thieves who steal their friends for the dog meat trade. It also demonstrates the huge economic benefit to China of this booming pet care industry, versus the dog meat trade that acts only as a stain on China’s international reputation. We urge China to act to end its brutal dog meat trade.”

The rescued dogs were accepted into an animal shelter in North China where HSI’s funding will help support their veterinary care and rehabilitation in preparation for being put up for adoption. The 22 dogs were given a full health check and treated for minor injuries, skin diseases and shock, before being settled into their new temporary home. In time, the shelter will hold a special adoption event, and HSI will fly a small number of the dogs to the United States to help them find loving forever homes.

This shocking investigation takes place just two months ahead of China’s notorious dog meat festival in Yulin which is held every year on and around June 21st.

Tragically, it is estimated that 10 million dogs are killed each year for China’s brutal dog meat trade.

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