Breaking! 3 Activists Arrested After Trying To Rescue Live Baby Cow From Pile Of Dead Calves At Northern California Factory Farm


Three brave and compassionate animal advocates were arrested Sunday on charges of felony grand theft and misdemeanor trespass after entering a Northern California factory farm where they tried to rescue a live calf who had been abandoned in a pile of dead ones.

As previously reported by WAN, investigators with the animal rights network Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) released an undercover investigation of the Ray-Mar Farms and Ranch earlier this month; revealing thousands of baby calves confined to crates barely larger than their own bodies and suffering from respiratory issues due to filthy air, thick with ammonia. The “farm” supplies to such companies as Costco and In-N-Out Burger.

A gripping video posted on the DxE Facebook page captured the unfathomable moment when the women came across the pile of dead calves, and one was still alive. The DxE volunteers, Julianne Perry, Priya Sawhney, and Alicia Santurio, are then seen weeping as they attempted to remove the calf and take her to an animal sanctuary.

Unfortunately, despite their heroic efforts, they were stopped by Sheriff’s deputies as they tried to take the calf to receive vet care. But instead of helping them, the police “ripped the baby from their arms” and arrested them.

The three women were at the farm along with nearly 60 other Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) activists who were out on Dodds Road participating in a vigil to honor the lives of the many thousands of calves raised there each year.

“These baby cows are living creatures, not things, but the animal agriculture industry treats them like commodities,” said Sawhney, a Sikh Indian immigrant and human rights activist, who formerly worked for The Tenderloin Housing Clinic.

Activists claim this event is the latest in a pattern of corporate and government inaction in the face of animal cruelty. Activists have recently faced a series of felony charges across the country, including 58 activists charged with multiple felonies attempting to rescue chickens from a Petaluma, CA farm on September 29th. They cite the legal opinion of a distinguished law scholar the UC Hastings College of Law in claiming that the farm is guilty of criminal animal cruelty, and that the activists are in fact legally justified in helping animals in need of immediate need of care.

“A sick calf left for dead is of negative economic value to the farm,” DxE co-founder and former Northwestern law professor Wayne Hsiung said in a statement. “These unlawful arrests have nothing to do with justice and everything to do with shielding corporate profits by shielding consumers from the truth.”

People advocating for the calves’ release can call the Stanislaus County Police at (209) 525-7114. You can also help by signing a DxE Petition urging the police to free the baby cows who are cruelly confined HERE!

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