Breaking! 34 Animal Liberation Activists Arrested After 9 Hours Locked Inside Pig Factory Farm In Australia


Nearly 100 animal liberation activists, 34 of whom were arrested, participated in a powerful “Meat The Victims” protest at an Australian pig farm this morning.

“Today we have come together from all over Australia, and we have locked down inside a facility to speak out against the injustices of the animal harming industry and to stand in solidarity with the animals,” the group posted on The Save Movement Facebook page. “The aim of this action is to expose the reality of what is happening to the victims of the ‘meat’ industry and to challenge the current speciesism mindset within our society.”

The protest began at 4:30 am this morning with 68 of the determined advocates peacefully entering the Glasshouse Country Farms in Beerburrum while another 40 remained outside holding signs.

As per, Queensland police reportedly arrived on the scene around 7:40 am. Half of the demonstrators inside the facility agreed to leave the building at the urging of police negotiators. The remaining 34 who refused to leave were eventually arrested and removed from the property, almost nine hours after they first entered.

“Labels such as ‘cage free’, ‘free range’, ‘grass-fed’, ‘organic’ and ‘local’ are used to deceive and mislead the public into believing animals are ‘humanely raised’,” continued the post on Facebook.

“Our message is simple; animals are here with us, not for us. Animals lives are their right and what is happening to them is unjust needless violence.”

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