Breaking! 5-Month-Old Caged Lion Found In The Netherlands; Police Need Help Finding Person Responsible

Photo from Politie in the Netherlands.

A young lion left abandoned in a cage was found by a jogger yesterday in Tienhoven, a village near the central city of Utrecht in the Netherlands.

Believed to have been a “pet” that someone no longer wanted, the discarded cub is now safe at the Dutch rescue facility, The Lion Foundation, as police try to find its “owner.”

The foundation, which “aims to give rescued big cats a future in the wild,” shared the news on its Stichting Leeuw Facebook page yesterday, after police, the NVWA, and a local vet, transferred the cub to its facility.

“He has been in good health for the time being, but this will also have to be seen from further research,” the organization noted in the post, further explaining that the tired cub is currently in quarantine. “He is already drinking out of the water bowl and is quite comfortable.”

According to an update posted this morning, the cub slept well during its first night at the facility. He also started eating and is enjoying his new toys.

While WAN is thrilled with the outcome for this little cub, the incident serves as another reminder that wild animals are not pets. It is unfathomable to think what horrors baby animals, such as this cub, must experience after being torn away from their mothers, to become someone’s temporary possession. Sadly, they are often discarded as they grow into more than their “owner” can handle.

Dutch police shared a photo of the cub on Twitter yesterday. “This morning, colleagues received a very peculiar report in Tienhoven,” noted the tweet. “Seen or heard anything?”

Anyone with any information should call the police at 0900 8844.

As noted on the police department’s website, people can also leave tips at The Wanted Hotline at 0800-6070 (free of charge) and the National Criminal Intelligence Unit (NCIE) at +31-(0)79 345 8999.

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