Breaking! Andrew Renner, 41, And Son Owen Renner, 18, Caught On Camera Shooting A Mother Bear & Her Cubs; They Have Been Charged With Their Deaths


Alaska authorities said on Wednesday that two men who were skiing in a remote area on an Alaska island, were arrested after the killing of a mother bear and her cubs was caught on camera.

The details were disturbing and we wonder how anyone could possibly do this to a defenseless animal and her babies.

While skiing, the two men came across a bear den when they noticed a mother bear. They decided to shoot her and after hearing the poor cubs shrieking in fear, they turned the rifle on them and shot them as well.

The sow was one of 20 fitted with collars for a three-year study that started in 2016, according to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. The study by the department and Chugach National Forest came in response to concerns about declining numbers of black bears in Prince William Sound.

A U.S. Forest Service employee reported the deaths of the sow and cubs to Alaska Wildlife Troopers on April 23rd. That’s when troopers recovered the camera.

The slaughter was caught on video by a motion-activated camera outside the den. After they shot the mother bear, they dragged her from the den and realized it had a Fish and Game collar. It also captured Andrew Renner saying, ‘I’m gonna get rid of these guys’ while tossing the cubs’ limp carcasses onto the snow outside the den, the documents said.

The clip captured the younger Renner saying, ‘We got the collar off.’ Next, Andrew Renner said, ‘We’re gonna skin it that way,’ and points away from the den. Owen Renner agrees, saying, ‘They’ll never be able to link it to us.’ They proceed to butcher the sow and place it in game bags, then ski away.

Andrew Renner took the black bear sow to a state wildlife office on April 30th, claiming he and his son had killed it near Granite Bay in Prince William Sound on April 14th.

Troopers said that while interviewing Renner, he said he had skinned the bear, brought the collar and expressed that he had no knowledge of the sow having cubs and no cubs were in the area.

Thankfully the entire ordeal was caught on camera, making it clear that Renner was lying to authorities about the incident.

According to an Alaska State Troopers dispatch, Andrew Renner, 41, and son Owen Renner, 18, have been charged with multiple counts, including the illegal killing of a bear and both cubs in the April incident. Under state law, it’s illegal to kill black bear cubs or sows with cubs in most of Alaska, including where the shooting occurred.

Andrew Renner was also charged with tampering with physical evidence, a felony, as well as contributing to the delinquency of a minor — his son was 17 at the time — and unsworn falsification.

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