Breaking! Animal Advocate Prompts Rescue Of 164 Pomeranians From U-Haul Truck In Nevada

164 Pomeranians were rescued from a breeder in Sandy Valley, Nevada (Kelsey Thomas, KSNV)

More than 160 dogs believed to be put in a U-Haul truck by a breeder were rescued yesterday in Sandy Valley, Nevada following a tip by a local animal advocate.

According to a report by KSNV-TV, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) and the Clark County Animal Control animal cruelty unit responded to the call by Gina Greisen and horrifically discovered 164 Pomeranians stacked almost to the top of the truck in kennels without food, water, or proper ventilation.

“When I walked up to the truck, I was grateful. I was so grateful we found the truck. I was so afraid last night that some of them didn’t make it,” said a relieved Greisen. “They can’t control that they’re being put in kennels and on a U-Haul truck. They can’t control when they’re being bred. They can’t control when they’re being abused. But we can. We can be a voice.”

While alive, many of the dogs were sadly matted, dirty, and covered in their own feces.

Elaine Wilson Las Vegas Review-Journal

The dogs, which range in age from 14-weeks-old to 6-years-old, were all transferred to the Animal Foundation where animal rescue staff is currently conducting medical checks to identify any medical issues they may be dealing with.

Described to have personalities that are friendly and feisty, the sweet dogs are presently on a legal hold and most likely will be available for adoption in several weeks, according to the Animal Foundation.

Elaine Wilson Las Vegas Review-Journal

While LVMPD detectives are reported to have the name of the breeder, as of yesterday afternoon, no arrests have been made and no charges have been filed yet.

The alleged “backyard breeder,” as per The Las Vegas Review-Journal, was reportedly from San Bernardino and loaded the dogs into the truck and left California after receiving a tip that her property was going to be searched.

LVMPD is investigating the case, along with Clark County Animal Control and San Bernardino authorities.

While the details of this case may be ugly, it is a beautiful reminder that one voice for the voiceless can make a difference.

Never stop using yours!

Elaine Wilson Las Vegas Review-Journal

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