Breaking! Animal Australia’s Horrific Footage Of 2400 Dead Sheep During Live Transport Prompts Urgent Investigation By Department Of Agriculture

Australia’s Agriculture Minister David Littleproud has launched an urgent investigation into live sheep exports after viewing horrific footage of thousands of animals dying while en route to the Middle East.

The August 2017 footage, which was provided to his office on Wednesday by Animals Australia and reportedly shows dead sheep decomposing and lying in excrement, left Littleproud “shocked and deeply disturbed.”

According to an official statement released by his office, the sheep were in transit from Perth to the Middle East when, despite there being a vet onboard the ship, 2400 died because of heat-related issues.

“As I’ve said many times since becoming Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources in December 2017, we need compliance with laws across all industries to give us integrity,” said Littleproud. “I will not be afraid to call out and take strong action against those who have not fulfilled their responsibilities, whether they be the exporter, the regulator or staff on ships.”

Littleproud revealed that he received an incident report from the Department of Agriculture one week ago and immediately wrote to industry inquiring what research had been undertaken about high heat mortalities.

It was after viewing the appalling Animal Australia footage yesterday that he ordered the Department of Agriculture to launch an aggressive investigation noting that he will have “more to say as more information comes to hand.”

Channel Nine’s 60 Minutes tweeted that it plans to “shock the nation” when it airs the footage of the dead sheep on Sunday.

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