Breaking! Animal Equality’s Undercover Investigation Reveals Tragic & Severe Suffering Of Pigs On British Farms

Shocking images have been released from an undercover investigation which documents the extreme cruelty and suffering that many innocent pigs are forced to endure at some of Britain’s Red Tractor certified farms.

The dramatic photos were taken by hidden cameras placed by Animal Equity investigators. The animal protection organization has since sent the evidence to the Animal and Plant Health Agency which is responsible for investigating on-farm welfare violations.

“We are demanding they take long overdue action on pig farms who fail even to adhere to the limited protections that the law demands,” the organization stated on its website. ”We have also sent the evidence to Red Tractor which certifies all four farms.”

The horrific images show a variety of violations including female pigs caged in tiny ‘sow stalls’ for days on end, a practice that has been banned in the UK since 1999. Additional footage reveals wounded pigs left to suffer in their subpar pens, as well as bodies of dead animals left lying to rot.

Hall Farm in Norfolk was among the farms depicted in the investigation. Animal Equality investigators reportedly made multiple visits to the farm in September and October of this year. Unfathomably, the findings uncovered at least “one group of pigs that were confined for more than five days at a time. Footage of bar biting and aggression was captured demonstrating that the pigs were, understandably, extremely distressed.”

Further suffering found at Hall Farm, which sells pigs to HG Blake, a Norfolk abattoir supplying London’s Smithfield Market and butchers in East Anglia, included “a pig with a major abscess on its back and another with an infected leg wound, both left in a pen with other pigs, and most pigs kept in barren, crowded pens that deny their natural behaviors. All pigs also had their tails docked, a painful mutilation performed without anesthetic that should not be done routinely under UK law.”

In September 2017, Animal Equality investigators also visited Poplar Farm in the East Riding of Yorkshire, a Morrisons supplier. They found “multiple pigs with open, bleeding wounds on their ears; a severely lame pig left in a pen with other pigs; pregnant pigs kept in barren, concrete pens without any enrichment; and several heavily scarred pigs and all pigs tail-docked.”

Two deceased pigs were also found to have been left out in the farmyard overnight, an “imprisonable violation of legislation governing the disposal of dead stock.”

National Pig Award winner in 2016 and 2017, Cross Farm, in Devon, which is owned by WJ Watkins & Sons was also investigated last month by Animal Equality. Following a tip, “investigators found pigs living in leaking, dilapidated buildings covered in slurry and forced to lie in their own waste; two pigs with large hernias left in pens with other pigs; pregnant pigs kept in barren, concrete pens without any enrichment and all pigs tail-docked.”

Horrifically, an undercover investigation was also held at Grange Farm in Lincolnshire which revealed “a decomposing dead piglet left in a pen with its mother and siblings; young pigs kept in barren tiny pens barely bigger than a bathtub and all pigs tail-docked.

“I encourage anyone to take a moment and think if this is really any way to treat these animals? Just look at the findings, especially the photos and videos in this report, and tell me whether you think pigs should suffer like this,” responded Chris Williamson, Labour MP for Derby North, after viewing the report. “What I’ve read and seen in this report I find deeply upsetting. Much of this is illegal and is a human health risk as much as it’s a matter of animal welfare. These conditions must end now.”

More information and ways people can help Animal Equality protect Britain’s pigs are available HERE!

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