Breaking! WAN Exclusive With Animal Recovery Mission On The Release Of 2nd Horrific Dairy Farm Undercover Investigation In 7 Days!

On the heels of its explosive Larson Dairy undercover investigation, Animal Recovery Mission (ARM) released its second shocking exposé in seven days.

While both dairy farms are located within a mile of each other in Okeechobee, Florida, unlike Larson Dairy which is a large operation, the undercover investigation released today took place at a small family-owned and operated dairy farm named Burnham Dairy.

“ARM did the large farm investigation first because people always respond; ‘well, I get my dairy from a small local family-owned farm’ but little do they know that the abuse is actually worse than what takes place at the larger operations,” ARM’s founder Richard “Kudo” Couto explained to WAN last night. “This case is different because it focuses on the babies. It’s pretty extreme.”

It is extremely heart-breaking, tragic, difficult to watch and demanding of change!

Kudo told WAN exclusively about ARM’s new factory farm concept and how they decided their investigations could have the most impact.

“Arm excels at conducting multiple investigations and focusing on geographic zones which means picking a particular area and investigating everything that is illegally happening there,” said Kudo who explained how ARM wanted to put a spin on its own investigations that differs from those of other organizations. “It’s not just one factory farm or slaughterhouse, there could be 20 in the same area.”

Typically, when an organization goes public with a factory farm investigation, an industry expert comes in and claims that what happened was an isolated incident and not the norm.

“Once the perpetrators are fired then it goes back to the same old ways. If you do multiple investigations of that same industry, the experts can’t make excuses because it’s not an isolated incident,” said Kudo. “We are putting the boot in the mouths of industry experts who get paid to defend the industry.”

Over the last week alone, following the release of the Larson Dairy investigation, experts came out including ones from the University of Michigan, the University of Florida, and the official organization that oversees the national dairy supply and 98% of all working dairy farms in the United States.

As a result of ARM’s investigation, all dairy coming out of Larson Dairy has been suspended until an inspection is done on the farm. In fact, according to Kudo, it took only three hours following the Larson Dairy investigation release for Publix, one of the largest supermarket chains in the U.S., to suspend all dairy from Larson Dairy Farm from their stores.

ARM’s recently released undercover investigations are only the beginning of what this powerful and proficient organization has in store for the appalling business of factory farming.

ARM is going to have a “monstrous” impact on the world of factory farming by investigating geographical zones and multiple farms at once.

The next undercover investigation operation on Arm’s growing list of targets focuses on horse slaughter in four illegal slaughter farms in which many are illegally killing for human consumption and black magic rituals.

Many Cubans sadly think that horse meat is an aphrodisiac like Viagra and that it cures blood disorders, aids, and cancer; none of which is supported by any viable medical evidence.

The covert operation includes ARM investigators first establishing relationships with the horse killers. They then buy the meat to have it tested to verify it is in fact equine, and then once proven positive, they then attempt to work with local law enforcement to bust the illegal dealers .

Because ARM employs seasoned investigators who are experts in the field, local sheriffs tend to turn their backs on the situation due to ego. That is when ARM is forced to bring in state police and federal agencies to help get the job done.

Currently undercover in the four illegal horse slaughterhouses, ARM is working towards carrying out a raid and strike to shut them down in addition to having the perpetrators arrested, fined and jailed for what could be 20-30 years in prison.

Per The Good Horse Slaughter Act in Florida, legislation that was co-written by Kudo and signed into law in 2010, anyone caught with horse meat receives a mandatory 1-5 years in state prison.

ARM Is currently waiting for the prosecutors to determine how many people may be arrested. Meanwhile, they are working on trying to find the perpetrators real identities as most people involved in this despicable practice are normally criminals who have previously been charged for a variety of crimes ranging from racketeering to domestic violence to child molestation and so on.

According to Kudo, within the next five years, he wants ARM to quadruple the number of investigations it conducts in the U.S. and internationally, as well as boost its conservation division with more specially qualified members.

“The guys that go in to do ARM’s investigations are not the normal investigators or animal activists,” explained Kudo. “Our team is made up of members who are ex-military and law enforcement, as well as special forces with specialized training for this type of work.”

They mean business and their business is working in-depth undercover investigations with the goal of exposing and ultimately ending, the many horrors of factory farming.

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