Breaking! Animal Recovery Mission Releases New Footage From Larson Dairy; Revealing The Owner Knew About The Animal Abuse


Animal Recovery Mission (ARM), a leader in emergency animal recovery operations has released more footage from Larson Dairy Farm in Okeechobee, FL, which reveals that the farm’s owner, Jacob Larson, knew and participated in alleged cow abuse; a claim that he previously denied.

Following the initial release of the investigation, Larson publicly stated that he was “shocked at the findings of the investigation.”

“His office is mere feet from the milking parlor.  So when our undercover officer was in David Larson’s office talking to him, they could hear the yelling and screaming of the workers moving the animals,” Animal Recovery Mission founder and investigator Richard ‘Kudo’ Couto said during a press conference yesterday.

ARM’s newly-released Footage uncovers new employees at the Larson Dairy Farm horrifically beating and tormenting animals.

WAN talked to ARM’s founder Richard ‘Kudo’ in early November after his organization released video showing that this type of animal abuse takes place at both big and small privately-owned family farms.

“ARM did the large farm investigation first because people always respond; ‘well, I get my dairy from a small local family-owned farm’ but little do they know that the abuse is actually worse than what takes place at the larger operations,” Kudo explained to WAN.

Kudo also told WAN exclusively about ARM’s new factory farm concept and how they decided their investigations could have the most impact.

“Arm excels at conducting multiple investigations and focusing on geographic zones which means picking a particular area and investigating everything that is illegally happening there,” said Kudo who explained how ARM wanted to put a spin on its own investigations that differs from those of other organizations. “It’s not just one factory farm or slaughterhouse, there could be 20 in the same area.”

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