Breaking! Another Horse Dies At Santa Anita Park One Day After Season Opener; Marks 32nd Senseless Death At The Race Track Within One Year


Racehorses are forced to participate in an industry that puts so-called “entertainment” and human greed above the life of another sentient being, this was proven yet again this past weekend at California’s most infamous race track.

A mere 10 days after WAN reported on the tragic passing of the 31st horse at Santa Anita Park, a three-year-old colt named Emtech became the 32nd horse to die at the plagued race track in Arcadia, California, since December 26, 2018.

The latest fatality occurred one day after the start of Santa Anita Park’s season opener on September 27th.

This is as heartbreaking as it is unfathomable. How is this life-or-death “sport” able to continue? How many innocent lives have to senselessly suffer and be lost before this travesty ends?

Photo from of another racehorse 

According to a statement from Santa Anita, Emtech, was “humanely” euthanized after collapsing on the track during the eighth race. Santa Anita Park Veterinarian Dr. Dana Stead made the decision after observing that Emtech had two broken front forelimbs.

Earlier this month, Zeke, a four-year-old gelding who fractured his pelvis during a workout on the training track, was also euthanized.

Sadly, but not surprisingly, Santa Anita and The Stronach Group responded that they will follow “protocol” and review what factors may have contributed to Emtech’s injury and what could have been done to prevent the accident.

As with Emtech, Zeke and the 30 horses before them that died after racing their hearts out and endured countless broken limbs, WAN and Peace 4 Animals will make sure that their lives were not taken in vain. We want justice for all racehorses.

The Stronach Group and Santa Anita expressed their “sympathy” and reiterated that “safety measures put horse and rider safety above all else.” Really?

Obviously, with the death of 32 horses within one-year, that is far from the truth. More needs to be done to protect racehorses from this industry of greed and money.

Animal advocates and animal welfare organizations worldwide agree.

“There are no more excuses,” noted on its website. “If you continue to support this vile industry, you are complicit in this and every death going forward.”

Sign the organization’s petition urging Santa Anita to stop the senseless death of racehorses by closing down its track HERE!

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