Breaking! ARM Exposes Undercover Investigation Of Strauss Veal Feeds, Which Gets Many Of Its Calves From Fairlife

Today, Animal Recovery Mission (ARM) released results from another one of its shocking undercover investigations, Operation Strauss Veal Feeds.

ARM discovered Strauss Veal Feeds while conducting an undercover investigation at Fair Oaks Farms in Indiana. Owned and operated by Mike and Sue McCloskey, Fair Oaks Farms produces dairy products for Fairlife, which is a Coca-Cola partner company.

Strauss Veal Feeds, which gets many of its calves from Fairlife, is a brutal start-to-finish veal operation with an estimated 30,000 dairy veal calves in the Tri-state region of Indiana, Michigan and Ohio.

“What the ARM investigator witnessed was shocking and medieval,” Richard ‘Kudo’ Couto, ARM Founder, said in a statement sent to WAN. “It is surprising that the veal industry, which solely relies on dairy calves to operate, is still legally in existence.”

The investigator, a newly retired Sheriff Deputy Detective and Medal of Honor recipient, was hired by Strauss Veal Feeds as a calf “care giver.”

In a video released by ARM, Couto further explains that the companies claim that they don’t sell and send their calves to veal farms. Calling out Coca-Cola, Fairlife, and Fair Oaks Farms as liars, he questions, “where else are they going to send 80-90 calves per day?”

“The crime here is the life of the calf. Living in a disease infested barn and a stall that he can’t move in,” continued Couto. “With the next step being the innocent animal’s brutal and torturous death in a disgusting slaughterhouse.”

Some of the violations observed during Operation Strauss Veal Feeds include:

• Calves in Pitch Black Conditions: To save the company money, calves were kept in pitch black conditions for up to 18 hours per day.

• Calves Brutalized During Transport: Calves were violently thrown into a packed trailer and then tossed around and flipped over in transport.

• Shady Hiring Practices: The ARM investigator was hired in the morning and started work the next afternoon with no training.

• Horrid Living Conditions: Calves had little to no ventilation during summer months with temperatures hitting well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, causing high mortality rates.

• Neglect of Sick and Injured Calves: Many calves had dysentery, ear infections, and stomach viruses. Sick calves close to death were not given food or water. Tragically, about 10 to 20 calves died per day.

• Illegal Use of Medication: Some of the medication that was used required administration by a veterinarian, while others were not permitted for use in calves to be processed for veal.

Operation Strauss Veal Feeds stands as the fourth and final installment of the largest dairy investigation ever executed within the United States. The three previous cases of this series of investigations included: Operation Fair Oaks Farms Dairy Adventure, Operation Fairlife and Operation Natural Prairie Dairy.

The fact is, as noted by Couto, that without the dairy industry, there is no veal industry. Neither industry should still exist, but tragically they do, for now…..

You can help all animals by choosing compassion on your plate. #GoVeg

You can help all animals and our planet by choosing compassion on your plate and in your glass. #GoVeg

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