ARM Investigations Exposes Illegal Black Cloud Slaughter “Farm” In Florida; Case Shockingly Denied By Indian River County Sheriff’s Office

Animal Recovery Mission (ARM) is demanding justice for animals that endured horrific abuse and inhumane slaughter practices at Black Cloud “farm” in Fellsmere, Florida.

Despite heart wrenching video footage secured by the non-profit during its seven-month undercover operation, the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office and State Attorney’s Office unfathomably determined that there was no probable cause for felony animal cruelty.

That’s abhorrent!

“The animals were being butchered alive, they were being stabbed to death, they were being dragged inhumanely,” said Richard Couto, the founder of ARM at a news conference Tuesday afternoon. “These are vile, nasty crimes that are happening here. Ghastly, ghastly crimes that the Sheriff’s Office seemed to not want to look at.”

The slaughtering of the animals for human consumption at Black Cloud was in gross violation of the Humane Slaughter ACT; which in itself is an oxymoron. There is nothing humane about slaughtering an innocent animal for food or any other reason.

Among the atrocities captured on video, goats were hoisted and butchered while still alive, with most enduring the torture for three to seven minutes before they died.

As per a statement on ARM’s website, animals were also sold for Santeria at the Black Cloud property. This was confirmed with an undercover purchase on December of 2018, with the sale of a female goat that operatives requested to purchase for a ‘supposed sacrificial ceremony.’ This goat was taken back to the ARM Sanctuary where she received medical care and is now a permanent resident.

While William ‘Billy’ Lathero, the owner of the farm has passed away since ARM concluded its investigation, numerous Black Cloud butchers remain at large.

“People need to be aware,” stated Couto, “that some of the worst animal torturers in the United States could be working on other farms in their community.”

Black Cloud marks the 156th illegal slaughter farm in Florida that ARM has investigated over the past nine years, and as long as these house of horrors continue to exist, it will not be the last.

Please support ARM’s call for justice on the Black Cloud case and urge that appropriate action be taken. Indian County Sheriff Deryl Loar and his office can be reached at (772) 569-6700 or by e-mail HERE!

You can help all animals and our planet by choosing compassion on your plate and in your glass. #GoVeg

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