Breaking! ASPCA Helps Rescue 45 Dogs From Suspected Dog Fighting Operation In Kansas


Forty-five dogs have been rescued from a suspected dog fighting operation in Bendena, Kansas.

The rescue came after the Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI) issued a search warrant. Members from the ASPCA Field Investigations and Response team discovered both adult dogs and puppies just a few months old, living in deplorable conditions with some tethered with heavy, metal chains. Lacking adequate shelter, many of the dogs appeared to exhibit injuries and scars commonly associated with dog fighting. Dog fighting paraphernalia was also discovered on the property.

According to the ASPCA, the dogs were transported to an ASPCA emergency shelter at an undisclosed location. ASPCA veterinary and behavior experts are caring for the dogs until custody is determined by the court. Meanwhile, the ASPCA Legal Advocacy team is working closely with law enforcement and prosecutors to ensure the best outcome for these animals.

The Great Plains SPCA and the Doniphan County Sheriff’s Office are also assisting in the case.

The suspect in the case was arrested for 42 counts of dogfighting and several counts of possession of dog fighting paraphernalia, among other offenses, and was transported to the Doniphan County Jail.

“Sadly, dog fighting is more prevalent than many people think and it continues to be a popular underground activity throughout the country,” Joel Lopez, Operations Director for the ASPCA Field Investigations and Response team, said in a statement. “The ASPCA is grateful for the Kansas Bureau of Investigation for working with us to tackle this horrific form of animal abuse. Our immediate goal is to transport these dogs to a safe place where they will receive much-needed care and treatment.”

Since 2010, the ASPCA has assisted with approximately 200 dogfighting cases in at least 24 states and has impacted nearly 5,000 victims of dogfighting through rescue, consultations and investigations.

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