Breaking! Atlanta Bans The Sale of Cats & Dogs In Pet Stores To Help Stop Inhumane Puppy and Kitten Mills

This week, Atlanta became the latest city to ban the sale of cats and dogs in retail pet stores, in an effort to promote the adoption of rescue and shelter animals while taking a significant step toward eliminating puppy and kitten mills.

“In light of the animals recently rescued from a devastating puppy mill in south Georgia, we are thrilled that the Atlanta City Council voted unanimously to ban the retail sale of puppies and kittens in the City of Atlanta,” Atlanta Humane Society shared on its Facebook page. “This legislation went into effect immediately!”

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms signed the new bill into law that prohibits pet stores in the state from selling cats or dogs, which has the potential to save millions of animals’ lives who would otherwise be put down in their local shelter because they could not find a home.

The law wouldn’t affect licensed breeders, only pet stores that sell dogs and cats. This will be a preventative measure, although more and more owners are choosing to rescue and adopt animals from shelters instead of buying them from breeders.

According to the ASCPA, Atlanta is the ninth city in Georgia to pass an ordinance prohibiting the retail sale of puppies and kittens.

If any Atlanta store violates the new ordinance, they’ll face a $500 fine per offense which in actuality should be a much stiffer penalty.

WAN thanks everyone who supported this important legislation and we look forward to many more cities in the U.S. and throughout the world following suit.


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