Breaking! Aussie Farms Launches Interactive Map Of Factory Farms, Slaughterhouses, & More Animal Exploitation Facilities Throughout Australia


Animal rights organization Aussie Farms has created a digital map that includes information of hundreds of farms, feedlots, abattoirs, and other relevant facilities in Australia.

In development for more than eight years, Aussie Farms describes the map as a comprehensive, interactive map of factory farms, slaughterhouses, and other animal exploitation facilities across Australia.

“Until now it’s been a resource for a relatively small number of activists and organizations, but from today we’re opening it up to the public in an effort to force transparency on an industry dependent on secrecy,” Aussie Farms, which does not believe that animals should be owned for human purposes, shared in a post on its Facebook page. “We believe in freedom of information as a powerful tool in the fight against animal abuse and exploitation. We believe consumers have a right to know of the existence, location and operations of these businesses. We believe whistleblowers have the right to a platform where their anonymity can be respected.”

The controversial map, which is opposed by the National Farmers Federation siting invasion of its members privacy, features thousands of icons ranging from pigs, eggs, a butcher’s knife, and more.

“Naturally we’re receiving a lot of backlash from farmers already, because for so long they’ve been able to operate as they please, without scrutiny and without awareness, but that’s now changing,” stated Aussie Farms. “Most businesses do better as a result of exposure, animal agriculture is perhaps the only industry that does worse.”

As per the organization, most consumers are still unaware of the reality and sheer scale of everyday, industry-standard animal agriculture. While their marketing campaigns present a different image, practices such as overcrowding and mutilation without anesthetic, are considered acceptable and routine by those who profit from them.

The organization claims that the map was developed so that consumers can make informed choices about what they want to support with their purchases.


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