Breaking! Charges Dropped Against Tammie Hedges Who Helped Shelter Animals That Were Left To Perish In North Carolina During Hurricane Florence


Hedges, who opened up a temporary shelter to take in 27 dogs and cats during Hurricane Florence, was charged with 12 counts of practicing medicine without a veterinary license and solicitation of a controlled substance.

“We are very blessed that the charges against our founder, Tammie Hedges, have been dismissed. We remain optimistic that no other charges will be filed, and that this is the end to a terrible, terrible situation,” Crazy’s Claws N Paws posted on its Facebook page this morning. “We strive for a lifelong dedication to working with state and local law enforcement to make North Carolina safe for our animals.”

Thousands of people across the country came to Hedges defense, appalled this was happening to a compassionate person who was trying to help save the lives of innocent and defenseless animals that others left behind in the storm.

The nonprofit organization also took the opportunity to send its appreciation for the overwhelming outpouring of support as well as to individuals for starting GoFundMe accounts for them. The accounts have since been closed and the organization stated it will receive the funds in a month.

“This experience has unified rescues and has made our organization realize that not only do we need to be vigilant in our rescue efforts but, also in our legislative efforts to foster animal welfare laws that are conducive to actually helping owners, rescuers, and animals,” continued the post.

WAN had inquired about scheduling an interview with Hedges earlier this week and received a response that she waswaiting to speak to her lawyer before doing anything else.

WAN reached out again this morning requesting an interview with Hedges now that the charges have been dismissed. We still welcome the opportunity to share more about this remarkable woman and her story.

A Care2 petition advocating that Hedges not face charges has garnered more than 32,000 signatures as of this morning. While it is not certain if this is still necessary or if any more charges will be filed against Hedges, as of now, the petition is still open for people to sign HERE!

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