BREAKING! The City Of Los Angeles Bans Wild Animals Used For Entertainment


Today, the Los Angeles City Council unanimously approved (14-0) Councilmember David Ryu’s motion to instruct the City Attorney to craft an ordinance which would prohibit the exhibition of wild or exotic animals for entertainment or amusement, including circuses, other wild or exotic animal shows, and rentals for house parties.

“Wild and exotic animals have a long history of being exploited for public and private entertainment. Treating animals in this manner has taught generations of people that it is okay to view wild and exotic animals as toys. Los Angeles must take action to make clear that exhibiting animals in this way is no longer in line with our City’s values,” stated Councilmember Ryu.

The Office of Councilmember Ryu has been working in partnership with animal welfare advocates and leading organizations in an effort to strengthen the City’s rules on the private display of wild and exotic animals.

Ed Stewart, President of the Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) believes that, “Los Angeles will become the largest US city to ban the use of wild animals for entertainment, again showing its leadership in animal protection. The display of wild animals in circuses, traveling shows, and at parties is unsafe for the public and inhumane for the animals, who are subject to abusive and unnatural conditions. This ban reflects changing public attitudes that reject the use of wild animals for novelty and amusement, and ushers in a new era of respect and care for captive wildlife. PAWS thanks Councilmember Ryu for his compassion and leadership on this very important issue.”

“We are thrilled that this crucial bill has finally passed the Los Angeles City Council. We now hope that because of Los Angeles’ humane efforts, every city and state in the U.S. will follow suit. Exploiting animals for entertainment is a thing of the past, we must look into a more humane future for the rest of the species we are blessed to share this planet with.” -Katie Cleary, President of Peace 4 Animals & World Animal News.

The draft ordinance will return to City Council in the coming months.

Read Councilmember Ryu’s motion, Here.

Learn more about the proposed ordinance, Here.

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