Breaking! Coach Is The Latest Luxury Brand To Go Fur-Free; Ask Them To Also Ban Shearling, Mohair & Angora!


The compassionate trend of luxury brands committing to go fur-free continues with today’s announcement that Coach will completely phase animal fur out in time for the debut of its Fall 2019 collection.

While banning all types of animal fur, including mink, coyote, fox, and rabbit, according to the Business of Fashion, the Tapestry brand will sadly still continue to use shearling, mohair, and Angora animal products. WAN is looking forward to when we can share the news that Coach has eliminated using all animal products in its luxury fashion line.

“Coach has been committed to advancing sustainable practices for many years, with the introduction of our corporate responsibility goals in 2015,” Joshua Schulman, President and CEO of Coach, said in a statement. “Back then, we laid the groundwork for prioritizing social and environmental initiatives. The decision to go fur-free is a truly meaningful milestone for the brand.”

Coach products are available in approximately 55 countries through its network of directly operated stores, travel retail shops and sales to wholesale customers and independent third-party distributors, as well as through its website.

“We’re doing it because we believe it’s the right thing to do,” Schulman told the Business of Fashion, noting that fur has never been a significant part of the Coach brand, with it currently accounting for less than 1% of its womenswear ready to wear business.

It has been a remarkable year so far for the fur-free movement with numerous fashion houses, including most recently, Diane Von Furstenberg (DVF), committing to ban fur from their collections.

September 2018 also marked the year that London Fashion Week, the first of the major fashion weeks, banned fur from the runway.

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