Breaking! Construction Has Begun On Europe’s 1st Ever Sanctuary For Former Circus Elephants “Elephant Haven”

With more than 100 elephants exploited in shows across Europe and a growing list of European countries banning the use of wild animals in circuses, the fact that a sanctuary dedicated to the well-being of these animals is being built is not only welcome but much-needed.

A collaboration between Elephant Haven (EHEES – Elephant Haven European Elephant Sanctuary) and numerous animal welfare organizations, including World Animal Protection, the sanctuary is currently under construction in the (Limousin) Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region, in the Department of Haute Vienne, France.

“EHEES is very happy to announce that World Animal Protection will help us build the inside structure of the first elephant barn with a very generous donation,” Elephant Haven posted on its Facebook page last week. “Thank you so much WAP!”

Among its many principals, Elephant Haven notes the following on its website:

  • Elephant Haven is a place with respect for animals, humans, and nature.

  • The elephants at Elephant Haven are provided with a safe haven for the rest of their lives.

  • The elephants will not be chained.

  • Restraints will not be used.

  • Elephant Haven will not breed.

  • Volunteers and visitors have no direct contact with the elephants.

A platform will be built on site for people to safely watch the elephants at Elephant Haven roaming freely and behaving as they naturally would in the wild.

In its June newsletter, Elephant Haven shared an update that the inner structure of the first elephant barn is continuing after a slow start in April of this year.

“After the inner structure will be finished, we will need to close and insulate the building and install a heating system,” noted Elephant Haven. “Can you help us please?”

Donations to Elephant Haven can be made HERE!

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