Breaking! Cruelty-Free International Survey Reveals That 79% Of American Adults Support A Federal Ban On Animal Testing For Cosmetics


A new poll released this week by Cruelty-Free International revealed that 79% of American adults support a federal law to end animal testing for cosmetics; with 45of the participants expressing strong support.

In the midst of so much division in America, the results of the survey, conducted by SurveyUSA, reflect that people across all age groups and political views are united against cruel and outdated cosmetics tests on animals.

“In a difficult political climate, this is an issue that could be a shining example of unity,” Monica Engebretson, North America Campaign Manager for Cruelty-Free International said in a statement posted on the organization’s website. A federal end to cosmetics animal testing in the USA wins strong support from Americans of all political and ideological affiliations.”

When broken down into political affiliations, 83% of Democrats, 72% of Republicans, and 80% of Independents indicated that they would “strongly support” or “support” a federal ban on cosmetic testing. Also, 71% of respondents who identified as conservative indicated that they would support the ban; with 50% of those respondents choosing the “strongly support” option.

As previously reported by WAN, California, Nevada and Illinois have already advanced bills into law that will end the sale of newly tested cosmetics in those states beginning in January 2020; further increasing the pressure for a federal ban to be implemented.

“Our work in states has proven that there is an appetite for legislative action on this issue,” continued Engebretson. “Three state bans are poised to come into effect early next year and similar bills are pending in other states.”

One thousand adult Americans from across the 50 states participated in the survey that was conducted at the end of last month.

As per Cruelty-Free International, the results of the poll further indicate that the desire to end animal testing for cosmetics is a value shared not only by the majority of Americans, but with people throughout the world.

More than 30 countries, many in the European Union, already prohibit cosmetics testing on animals.

The full report is available for review HERE!

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