Delivery Of Vegan Food Is Up 25% So Far This Year According To New Report From Grubhub

Grubhub, which works with more than 115,000 restaurant partners in more than 2,200 cities across the United States and London launched its most recent report titled “State of the Plate.” The new report makes it clear that “vegan options are here to stay.”

Using data from more than half a million orders placed on an average day through its platform, Grubhub’s mid-year report checks in on the popular food trends so far, predicts what to expect in the second half of the year, and provides an update on where some of the “trendier” foods actually stand.

As the noted food delivery service highlighted earlier in its 2018 “Year In Food” report, plant-based options are on the rise across America. Orders of vegan-friendly foods on the Grubhub platform increased by 25% so far in 2019, as compared to January through May of last year, with orders for the Impossible Burger specifically rising overall by 82%.

As per a statement from Grubhub, the cities ordering the most vegan foods for delivery in the United States include: Los Angeles, Brooklyn, Portland, Las Vegas, Rochester, Philadelphia, Detroit, and San Diego.

To determine the top places for vegans, Grubhub evaluated a variety of factors using data available through its platform, including the number of vegan restaurants, ratings, order volume, and overall number of vegan items available on Grubhub in each respective city as compared to the rest of the country.

You can help all animals by choosing compassion on your plate. #GoVeg

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