Breaking! Donations Needed To Help Care For More Than 130 Farm Animals Rescued From Deplorable Conditions In Pennsylvania

Photos from the Bucks County SPCA

Late last week, the Bucks County SPCA (BCSPCA) rescued more than 130 farm animals, including 52 goats, 80 chickens, and five turkeys, from a property in Pipersville, Pennsylvania.

The animals, which were being kept in extremely unsanitary and overcrowded conditions with inadequate access to food, have since been transported to the Bucks County SPCA’s Quakertown location which has a roomy barn and multiple pastures.

“Many of the animals are thin and have medical needs,” the organization shared in a post on its Facebook page on Friday. “Each goat has been examined and started on treatment by a team of large animal veterinarians.” 

The yet-to-be-named owner has reportedly refused to relinquish ownership.

“Charges are pending, and we will pursue them in court,” continued the organization, which noted that its two facilities had already been at maximum capacity with 385 animals in their care; most rescued from multiple animal cruelty cases so far this year. “Updates will be made on our website and social media, but it will likely be weeks or months before the animals can be made available for adoption. We appreciate the support of so many of you to help ensure Bucks County is a kind and humane place for all animals!”

“Financial donations are needed to help support the considerable cost required of properly caring for so many animals,” said BCSPCA Executive Director Linda Reider. “Donations to our Animal Relief Fund will be used to help all these animals recover until they can be placed for adoption.”

The organization is also urging the community to help make more room and free up resources for new arrivals by adopting pets that are currently available.

Anyone who witnesses or knows of any animal being neglected or abused in Bucks County, should call the BCSPCA’s Cruelty Hotline at (215) 794-7425. Tips can be left anonymously 24 hours a day.

Donations to help the BCSPCA care for the rescued animals can be made at their shelters in Lahaska and Quakertown or online HERE!

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