Breaking! DxE’s Heroic Wayne Hsiung & 22 Protestors Arrested At Oakland Slaughterhouse

A gathering of an estimated 200 protestors at a Northern California slaughterhouse yesterday afternoon resulted in the arrest of 23 people.

Direct Action Everywhere (DxE), a network of animal rights activists from across the world who use creative ways of protesting to challenge the use of animals for food, clothing, experimentation, and entertainment, reportedly organized the event.

DxE co-founder Wayne Hsiung was among those cited with trespassing at Oakland’s Saba Live Poultry after they went inside and tied flowers to the cages of animals, as well as to the knives which kill animals, noted on a Facebook post.

Fortunately, the organization was reportedly able to remove a rabbit, a quail, and a lamb from the house of horrors before the arrests were made. The spared animals were raced to a local veterinarian.

According to DxE, an “investigation and open rescue at Saba Live Poultry in Oakland found animals gasping on their own blood, collapsed on the cage floor, and cannibalizing one another in squalid conditions. As a city of animal lovers, there is no place for such a facility in San Francisco…or anywhere else in the world.”

DxE went further to request that the city of San Francisco reject the expansion of Saba Live Poultry, which is a national chain and take a stand for animal rights.

“Animal rescue, and not animal torture, should be promoted by the city, and preventing the expansion of slaughter operations is a crucial affirmation of our collective values,” states the organization on a petition it has started that is to be delivered to Mayor Ed Lee of San Francisco

As per its website, Saba Live Poultry is a slaughterhouse that sells and processes live chickens and livestock to the public.

Appallingly it invites customers to personally watch the slaughter and meat-packaging process of the animals that are processed only after customers have purchased the meat.

“We only process our animals at the point of sale. This guarantees FRESHNESS of our products, unlike other meat markets. Our publicly open facility allows customers to see the entire process, giving them assurance and peace of mind of knowing exactly what they are getting.”

Knowing what they are getting should be enough to make anyone decide to eliminate any meat from their diets and the fact that some people also choose to watch the process makes it even more impossible to swallow.

People can donate to Direct Action Everywhere HERE!

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