Breaking! Elephant Action League Teams With Peace 4 Animals On Urgent Rescue Of 2 Young Chimps From Central African Republic

Elephant Action League (EAL) and Peace 4 Animals have helped facilitate the rescue and relocation of two female chimps that were just evacuated from the war-torn Central African Republic.

Victims of wildlife crime and illegal trade, Aimi and Annie, are now safe in the Chimfunshi sanctuary in Zambia along with four other chimps who were waiting to be transferred from South Sudan. Logistical support was provided by Kenya Airways.

Another female, Vicky, was left behind because the owner refused to release custody of her but they are still trying to rescue her and have already secured the necessary permits.

“This is amazing! I’m so happy that they were saved,” stated Katie Cleary, founder of Peace 4 Animals and WAN. “We are so blessed to partner with the Elephant Action League on this important chimp rescue. Prayers for Vicky and all other animals in need of rescue!”

The chimps were originally supposed to be rescued in early 2017, but, sadly, were not due to an outbreak of civil unrest where they were located which left people fleeing across the river into DRC for protection.

As noted on EAL’s Facebook page, “All communications were broken and there was no way to stay in contact with them since all mobile towers were destroyed.”

Annie Olivecrona, the wonderful woman behind this rescue, sadly thought all the chimps were dead.

Fortunately, they were not.

Once communication was regained, the team started a new plan to rescue the sweet animals.

“All the chimps are happy and ate a lot of food and played with their new toys in their cages and slept happily on the dry thick grass beds with blankets,” said Olivecrona. “I have seldom seen or heard happier and more content chimps at arrival and it feels so good that these amazing lovely sweet characters now have a forever home and can be with others of their kin for the rest of their lives!”

People are encouraged to donate to Elephant Action League to help it continue its important work HERE!

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