Breaking! Elizabeth James Nearly Starves Her Ex-Boyfriend’s Dog To Death In South Carolina; She Must Be Prosecuted!

The image of an emaciated and severely neglected dog was hard enough to comprehend. The story behind the appalling photo makes it even more unfathomable.

It is yet another heartbreaking case of an innocent dog counting on a human for basic care and love. Tragically, this time the “human” or shall we say, sub-human, was the ex-girlfriend of the dog’s owner who purposely chose not to feed the pup that was left behind after their relationship ended. Yet she did find the time to feed and care for her own dogs.

While WAN has not yet received a return phone call from the City Of Laurens Police Department, Giles Gilmer with Laurens County Animal Control reportedly confirmed with FOX Carolina that Elizabeth James was issued a citation today for animal cruelty and will face a judge in September.

James deserves the harshest sentence possible. Anyone heartless and cruel enough to do something like this belongs behind bars.

“He was in hell with no way to escape. Thank god a passerby spotted him last night and contacted Animal Control,” Rescue Dogs Rock NYC shared in an emotional post about the dog, named Champ, on its Facebook page. “Champ was rushed to a local vet last night. He is weak, gums very pale, and he was covered in maggots, even in his mouth.”

Champ, who was near-death, was transported to a vet in Irmo Wednesday morning.

“Champ is only 16 months old and 50 pounds. The vet said this mastiff mix should weigh 110 pounds,” continued an updated post from the rescue organization that did not let distance stand in their way of trying to spare this sweet dog’s life. “We are so heartbroken for this poor dog, a victim of sick, sadistic, selfish, heartless, and cruel humans. We hope karma will be swift!”

Champ was then transferred to another vet where he immediately started getting a blood transfusion and a variety of other treatments to tend to his many ailments including being infected by hookworms, and having black feces due to internal bleeding.

“Champ is now being monitored 24/7, is on IV fluids and meds, and everything possible is being done to save his precious life,” noted an update a few hours ago on Facebook. “Champ remains in critical condition and if he makes it, he has a very long road back, so please keep the donations and prayers coming. He needs both!”

PLEASE help Champ’s chances for survival by making a much-needed donation toward his Rescue Dogs Rock NYC emergency fund HERE!

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