Breaking! Five Exotic Cats Find Forever Home In Texas After Non-Profit Rescues Them From Life In A Traveling Circus

One lioness, one Siberian lynx, and three tigers are settling into their new home in Texas, following a long trip from Florida.

As noted by Center for Animal Research and Education (CARE), prior to their rescue and relocation, the cats lived the first part of their lives at an exotic animal facility and traveling zoo. Many of the animals were taken out on the road to malls and shopping centers for display.

The organization continued to explain that while it was difficult for the owners to release them, “they wanted the lives of their animals to be as good as possible, which is why they chose ‘CARE’ as their new home.”

“This past year has been a busy one for CARE. Since the summer of 2017, CARE has given a forever home to 12 animals in need. In addition to these five, we have also taken in a ring-tailed lemur, a tortoise, two cougars, and three young tigers,” CARE Executive Director, Heidi Krahn, said in a statement. “When I got a call that a facility was closing and a home was needed for five big cats, my heart sunk. After a great deal of thought, the CARE team decided to move forward and commit to giving these amazing animals a home.”

Located on 20 acres in Bridgeport, Texas, CARE is now home to 14-year-old lioness Kiara, 2-year-old female white tiger Princess, 2-year-old male golden tabby tiger Munchkin, 6-year-old female orange tiger Wren, and 2-year-old female Siberian lynx Malika. The new residents join the 48 other exotic animals that currently also find refuge at the facility.


While most of the cats are healthy, sadly, Kiara, needs immediate veterinary care for a skin condition that has left her hairless on parts of her body. She also has several broken teeth and gum disease that needs to be treated.

The non-profit facility is requesting financial donations to help treat and care for the animals.

Donations to the Center for Animal Research and Education (CARE) can be made HERE!

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