Breaking News! Hawaii Might Become The Next State To Ban The Sale Of Fur Products!

Photos From Fur Free Society, Facebook

A new bill that has just been introduced could result in Hawaii becoming the next state to ban products made from the fur of defenseless animals throughout the islands.

The bill, supported by Senator Mike Gabbard, aims to “prohibit the manufacture or sale of certain animal fur products in the State of Hawaii, and the shipment or transport of certain fur products into the State for sale or distribution.”

Fur Free Society, Inc. said in a statement, that on January 24th, Senator Gabbard shared with them that “banning animal fur products in our islands is the right thing to do and will show our aloha for animals.”

“Hawaii is going fur free,” the organization shared in a post on its Facebook page, referring to the State ban if the bill passes, which it should! “We have been working with Senator Mike Gabbard since last year, and he has just introduced the bill SB-1350 that will prohibit the sale of fur in Hawaii.”

The post also addressed comments “noting that the State is a luxury vacation destination where some retailers sell fur items to visitors.”

“This is a message to the fur trade that they are unwelcome,” continued the post, which also explained that fur farms could exist in Hawaii despite the temperature.

As noted on the organization’s website, each year, close to one billion fur bearing animals are mercilessly tortured and killed in fur farms, or trapped in the wild for their fur and skin, while many are used in blood sports.

Fur-bearing animals suffer terribly on fur farms and in traps. In recent years, more and more designers, including: Versace, Coach, and Burberry, have pledged to stop using fur. Countries including Belgium, Luxembourg, and others have banned fur farming, with many more countries introducing bills to do the same.

You can help all animals and our planet by choosing compassion on your plate and in your glass. #GoVeg

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