Breaking! Help Is Urgently Needed To END Horrific “Wolf-Killing Contests” In British Columbia

Environmentalists and animal rights groups are calling on the government of B.C. to urgently end upcoming wildlife-killing contests” after it was discovered that at least three Interior hunting groups have been promoting this sickening event.

An open letter that has been signed by 54 pro-animal groups has been sent to The Minister of Forests, Lands, and Natural Resources, Doug Donaldson. The letter argues that this event violates the province’s wildlife and hunting guidelines and that it needs to be cancelled immediately.

“To allow this kind of ‘contest,’ where wildlife is killed for no reason except to win a prize, goes beyond the pale,” the second letter states.

According to Bears Matter, the three killing contests include; The ‘Predator Tournament’ organized by the Creston Valley Rod and Gun Club which runs from March 16th to March 24th of 2019, the Chilcotin Gun Store in Williams Lake which advertises the ‘Wolf-Whacking’ contest that began Dec 1st, of 2018, and runs until March 31st of this year, and lastly, there is a ‘bounty of $500 being offered to members of The West Kootenay Outdoorsmen for each wolf killed.

This is a sickening crime that must and will end.

The Minister of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations, and Rural Development responded by saying, “The Ministry does not condone or encourage these types of events, there are currently no rules preventing these types of ‘contests,’ providing the hunters are properly licensed and all laws are followed.”

Really? How about that killing is not a sport and should not be glorified by a contest that rewards people based on how many animals they kill.

Please email and call to let the B.C. Ministry know that you want them to END their sickening “wolf whacking” and “predator tournaments” immediately!

FLNRO Minister Doug Donaldson
Phone: (250) 387-6240

Tourism Minister Lisa Beare
Phone: (250) 953-0905

Attorney General David Eby
Phone: 250-387-1866

Environment Minister George Heyman
Phone: (250) 387-1187

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