Breaking! How Does A New Jersey Couple Not Face Animal Cruelty Charges After A Failed Attempt To Kill Their 10-Year-Old Border Collie With A BB Gun?

Photos from Flanders Veterinary Clinic, Facebook

In another appalling case of animal cruelty, a couple in New Jersey was arrested on suspicion of attempting to kill their dog by shooting it with a BB gun.

According to the Mount Olive Police Department, 26-year-old Keith Ropp of Flanders and 24-year-old Carly McBride of Long Valley, took the dog to a vet on Saturday after their plan to kill the 10-year-old Border Collie, named Scout, failed.

Fortunately, the attentive staff at Flanders Veterinary Clinic has gone above and beyond to help save Scout, who despite having two BB’s still lodged in his body, is expected to recover without suffering any lasting complications. Scout is reportedly going home with clinic Vet Dr. Jesse Gasparro.

The Daily Record reported that court records stated that Ropp admitted that they “could not afford Scout” and were “taking him on his last walk before either putting him down or dropping him off at a shelter.” Ropp claimed that they tried to find a home for Scout but it was difficult because of the dog’s age.

The pair, who reportedly shot Scout six times with a BB gun, are charged with possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose and unlawful possession of a handgun. They are not specifically charged with animal cruelty. They are due in Superior Court on October 24th.

What? They Are Not Specifically Charged With Animal Cruelty?

This is all unfathomable. Trying to kill an innocent animal with a BB gun cries animal cruelty!

There are also countless animal rescues that would have been able to help,had they known about the dire situation; many that even specialize in rescuing older dogs.

There is always a better solution than people discarding an unwanted animal at a shelter, or worse, trying to kill what they perceive to be a “problem.”

WAN has numerous calls in to the police station for an update which have yet to be returned. We will continue to try to find out if animal cruelty charges have or will be made against the perpetrators.

In the meantime, those wanting to express their outrage and urge police to add animal cruelty charges in this case, the Mount Olive Police Department’s phone number is (973) 691-0850. Chief of Police Stephen Beecher can also be reached at (973) 691-0900 x 7558 or at

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