Breaking! Huntress Causes Outrage After Killing A Mountian Lion In Colorado & Posting Photos To Her Facebook

Photos from Prairie Protection Colorado, Facebook

A new photo of a different kind of “trophy hunter” in Colorado is causing worldwide outrage this morning after a local animal protection organization posted the appalling images on Facebook.

Unfathomably, this has become a tragically familiar sight on social media, only this photo is not of a man who paid an absurd amount of money to kill an innocent wild animal in another country.

This is a photo of Franny Esplin, a wife and mother, posing proudly with a mountain lion she killed, reportedly sharing the “momentous” occasion which had been on her “bucket list forever.” Disgusting!

According to a post on the Prairie Protection Colorado Facebook page, the organization shared that “it was not specifically targeting Franny, but targeting the mentality of trophy hunters,” further noting that “Anyone who would glory in the blood of an animal they kill has some clearly sociopathic tendencies.”

“Unfortunately, this mentality and the killing of our native species for sport is codified in Colorado’s wildlife laws that are geared towards protecting sport hunters ‘right to kill,’” continued the organization, which sadly made a distinction between “ethical hunters” and ones that kill for the thrill of it. “If you want to protect life on this planet, you have to put that concern and righteous anger into action. We will continue to expose this mentality for education purposes and to build a base of concerned citizens that are willing to do what it takes to stop the atrocities.”

“Ethical” hunters? There is nothing ethical about selfishly taking the life of a sentient being.

As per KDVR News, Esplin allowed the station to air the images and said “she used the entire lion and hunting is part of her heritage.”

There is reportedly nothing illegal about the kill. But there should be, the hunting and killing of innocent animals should be prohibited, period.

While Esplin’s Facebook account appears to be deleted and her Instagram account made private, WAN was able to track down a social media imprint of her by way of her family’s taxidermy business.

“This is a business page, addresses and phone numbers are for business only,” noted a post on the Wildlife Services Facebook page responding to the controversy. “Harassment will not be tolerated.”

WAN looks forward to a time when killing innocent animals of any kind is Not Tolerated!

In the meantime, Prairie Protection Colorado is requesting that people support its petition to ban the trapping and hunting of mountain lions and bobcats in the state by sending a message of support for the ban to CPW Commissioners at:

You can help all animals and our planet by choosing compassion on your plate and in your glass. #GoVeg

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