Breaking! Hunter Killed While Tracking 2 Lions During A Canned Hunt In South Africa

This weekend, yet another life was lost in South Africa during the senseless pursuit of a so-called “trophy.”

The victim was a 75-year-old Croatian man that was trying to kill two Lions in a Canned Hunt in Africa.

According to Total Croatia News, Pero Jelinic was shot to death on Saturday while on a lion trophy hunting expedition at the Leeubosch Lodge near Setlagole.

Jelinic and two fellow hunters had already killed one captive-bred lion and were tracking the second at the canned hunting facility when he was shot by unknown assailants. Police are investigating the incident.

Slavko Perner, a longtime friend of the deceased big game hunter and former hotel and restaurant owner, told the local news outlet that Jelinic had spent the last year devoted to the things he planned to accomplish in retirement.

Killing a confined animal is not an accomplishment.

While he “received the ugliest end,” Perner stated, “he died doing what he loved.”

The fact that anyone would condone, let alone participate in the killing of confined innocent animals of any kind is especially vicious.

Horrifically, in South Africa, the highly-controversial “sport” of killing captive lions, also known as canned hunting, remains legal.

The situation is made even more heartbreaking as, according to Four Paws International, anyone can hunt lions in South Africa where “a hunting license or proven hunting experience isn’t usually necessary.”

This means that many lions are shot multiple times, often with a bow and arrow, before experiencing a barbaric and agonizing death.

The organization estimates that there are currently more than 6000 lions in 200 breeding farms across the country, and more than 1000 lions are hunted each year.

More information about the travesty called Canned Lion Hunting, including and a Four Paws petition to stop it can be found HERE!

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