Breaking! Hunter Mistaken For A Coyote Accidentally Shot By Another Hunter In North Carolina


A man was shot last night during what is being called a “hunting accident” in Alexander County, North Carolina.

If hunting did not occur, which it shouldn’t, neither would these types of “accidents.”

According to WBTV, 26-year-old Michael Marsh was reportedly hunting coyotes and using an electronic coyote call yesterday at approximately 6:00 PM when he was shot by a neighbor, also a hunter, who heard the sound.

Once the neighbor realized he shot Marsh, he called 911 and told deputies that he “heard coyotes screaming in the area, and fired two shots at the brown and gray movement he saw near a tree.”

As per the investigators, the incident happened in a wooded area along Ed Burgess Road, which is off of Highway 16 north of Taylorsville.

While Marsh was pronounced dead at a local hospital later in the evening, authorities have not yet determined whether any charges will be filed.

“It goes back to what they’re teaching in schools,” Sheriff Chris Bowman told WSOC-TV which noted the victim’s name was Seth Marsh. “Have what you’re going to shoot in sight. Don’t guess what’s in the bushes.”

What they’re teaching in schools?

How about you don’t shoot at any sentient being, period, end of story!

Sadly, if these two men refrained from the savage practice, Marsh would be alive and his two young children would still have their father.

Unnecessary and heartbreaking on so many levels!

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