Breaking! India Reports Tiger Population Has Grown To Nearly 3,000 Despite Growing Human-Animal Conflicts

In honor of International Tiger Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi shared the news that India’s tiger population has grown to nearly 3,000, claiming the country is one of the most secure habitats for the endangered animals.

Modi released the results of the fourth cycle of All India Tiger Estimation – 2018, which revealed that the count of tigers in India last year had increased to 2,967, this morning at LokKalyan Marg in New Delhi.

Calling it a “historic achievement” for India, the Prime Minister reaffirmed India’s commitment to protecting the animals of the country and noted that even greater efforts would be made towards the conservation of tigers.

“It is possible to strike a healthy balance between development and environment,” Mondi stated according to a statement posted on his website, further noting that the way ahead is “collectiveness” instead of “selectiveness.” “In our policies, in our economics, we have to change the conversation about conservation.”

Mondi stated that the number of protected areas in the country has grown to 860 last year from 692 in 2014 while the number of community reserves has gone up to 100 from 43 in the same time period.

Expressing his confidence that India will continue to prosper both economically and environmentally, the Prime Minister pointed to plans for the country to have a vibrant marine economy and a healthier marine ecology. Mondi also declared that India will have cleaner rivers and greater tree coverage.

Mondi notably also said that India is making a sustained effort to make its economy “clean-fuel based” and “renewable energy based.”

While this is positive news about the recent growth in the tiger population, there is still much to be done to protect the wild animals of India, where human-animal conflict remains a significant challenge for their conservation in a country that is heavily populated with humans.

You can help all animals by choosing compassion on your plate. #GoVeg

You can help all animals and our planet by choosing compassion on your plate and in your glass. #GoVeg

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