Breaking! Investigation By Animal Recovery Mission (ARM) Exposes Horrific Abuse Of Calves At Dairy Producer Fair Oaks Farms Supplier To Fairlife Milk Brand


The Animal Recovery Mission (ARM) is releasing disturbing evidence of ongoing animal cruelty, stemming from its undercover investigation at Fair Oaks Farms located in Fair Oaks, Indiana. Owned and operated by Mike and Sue McCloskey, Fair Oaks Farms produces dairy products for the Fairlife milk brand.

Coca-Cola Corporation produces the Fairlife label, and also markets and distributes the milk products both domestically and internationally.

Every year, Fair Oaks Farms states that it “educates” millions of people and provides daily tours at its facility; further noting that it prides itself on complete transparency, representing the world of animal agriculture and so-called “humane” treatment of animals.

Fair Oaks Farms also maintains on its website that the animals are, “always in good hands” and “As dairy farmers, we treat our cows with the utmost care, because we know that their health and happiness are the foundation of our business.”

None of this is accurate according to the results of ARM’s undercover investigation of the horrific treatment of calves on Fair Oaks Farms, where it witnessed and captured extreme and systematic abuse to the animals. ARM considers its investigations to be the first realistic and honest audit of Fair Oaks Farms and the Fairlife Corporation. To view the evidence of ARM’s investigation and the horrific treatment of Fair Oaks Calves, CLICK HERE!

“In my thirteen years of investigating crimes against animals throughout the world, I have never seen such repetitive, systematic abuse towards newborn babies, then what is taking place at Fair Oaks Farms and the Fairlife Corporation,” stated Richard ‘Kudo’ Couto (ARM).

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