Breaking! Jane Goodall Institute Nepal & World Animal Protection Rescue Country’s Last Illegally Owned Dancing Bears

Photos from World Animal Protection

The last known Nepali-owned illegal dancing bears were rescued from their cruel owners in Iharbari, Nepal, earlier this week.

World Animal Protection, which has worked for more than two decades to end bear dancing and bear baiting worldwide, made the announcement this afternoon.

According to the organization, it worked with the Jane Goodall Institute of Nepal and Nepali police to successfully rescue the two tortured sloth bears, Rangila, a 19-year-old male, and Sridevi, a 17-year-old female, on the evening of Tuesday, December 19, 2017.

“We are thrilled that the last two known Nepali dancing bears have been rescued from their lifetime of suffering,” said Manoj Gautam of Jane Goodall Institute Nepal. “After a year of tracking them, using our own intelligence and in cooperation with local police, our hard effort and dedication have helped to bring an end to this illegal tradition in Nepal.”

Noting that the rescue was emotional for everyone involved, World Animal Protection explained that the bears were in a state of extreme distress when found and exhibiting signs of psychological trauma such as cowering, pacing and paw sucking.

Horrifically, the owner had also pierced the noses of the bears with a burning hot rod and shoved a rope through to make them easier to control. Unfathomably, this is one of many harsh training methods often used on bears in this highly-cruel and illegal practice.

The bears, which were located by tracking the owners’ mobile phones, were subsequently transported to Amlekhgunj Forest and Wildlife Reserve where they are receiving temporary care.

This is not the first time an entire country’s use of bears for entertainment has been eradicated.

According to World Animal Protection, the organization has a long history of working with local partners to stop this horrendous practice, and have successfully ended it in Greece, Turkey, and India. 

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