Breaking! Kalito Manola Jones Is Arrested After More Than 300 Suffering Animals Were Found At Illegal “Farm” In Sunrise, Florida

Photo of Kalito Manola Jones from the Broward Sheriff’s Office

More than 300 animals have been rescued from another illegal “farm” in Sunrise, Florida.

Animal Recovery Mission (ARM) released images and footage from their investigation yesterday following the arrest of Kalito Manola Jones, the manager of the farm. Jones was charged with 17 counts of felony animal cruelty and seven misdemeanor counts of animal confinement without sufficient food and water.

ARM believes that Jones was both selling animals for religious sacrifice and butchering them for human consumption.

According to the Miami Herald, the owner of the animals whose current whereabouts are unknown, is facing similar charges after hundreds of animals including dogs, goats, sheep, cows, and birds were found either dead or dying on the property. Tragically, a reported 17 animals were either found dead at the scene or had to be euthanized due to their deteriorating conditions.

As per ARM, the organization recovered all of the animals from the property and transported them to its private sanctuary “where they have been receiving around the clock care for a multitude of illnesses, disease, extreme malnutrition, and neglect.”

Some of the dogs rescued are now available for adoption at the Humane Society of Greater Miami in North Miami Beach.

“Overnight, ARM’s Sanctuary has doubled in its residents, and it will take months of care to save these animals from peril,” the organization noted on its website along with a request for donations to help care for them. “ARM thanks everyone for their support in this heartbreaking and challenging case of animal abuse.”

ARM began its investigation in June after it received an anonymous tip that animals were being abused on an expansive, broken down property.

ARM has become an unstoppable defending force for extreme animal cruelty by operating as a direct-action organization. ARM is focused on creating long term change in the animal world and needs your help in achieving its goals.

Donations to Animal Recovery Mission can be made HERE!

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