Breaking! Largest South Korean Dog Meat Market Bans On-Site Slaughter


Breaking News. The slaughter of dogs in South Korea’s largest dog meat market have been banned on-site and will take place elsewhere. Dog meat will continue being sold in the Moran Market in South Korea while the slaughter will be hidden from the public.

An agreement between the city of Seongnam and the vendors’ association at Moran Market have been made. The dog slaughter facilities in the market will be removed as early as next week, the Korea Herald newspaper reports.
Seongnam’s Mayor, Lee Jae-Myung said that ending the slaughter of dogs in the dog meat market is about animal welfare and the reputation of both the city and South Korea as a whole. The mayor quoted Gandhi: “Seongnam City will take the initiative to transform South Korea’s image since ‘the greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

We don’t see any reason to believe him considering the slaughter will continue underground away from the public, and dog meat will continue to be sold in the market.

The Moran Market supplies one-third of all dog meat to South Korea which has thankfully been in a steady decline over the past couple of years, due to the rise in companion animals.

Tourists and locals were shocked by the torture and brutality at the Moron Market and have since called for it to end, officials have listened but the ban is far from over.

We must continue to fight to put an end to the dog & cat meat trade in Asia for good!

Source: BBC


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