Legendary Animal Welfare Advocate Doris Day Passes Away At 97; May She Fly Amongst The Angels In Heaven

It is with heavy hearts that WAN shares the news that one of the pioneers of animal advocacy, Doris Day, passed away early this morning at her Carmel Valley home.

Last month, nearly 300 fans gathered in Carmel in honor of Day’s 97th birthday. Day, a longtime vegetarian, was in excellent physical health for her age, until recently, contracting a serious case of pneumonia, resulting in her passing. She was surrounded by a few close friends as she passed.

Day was born Mary Ann Von Kappelhoff, on April 3, 1922, in Cincinnati, Ohio. Day began her professional singing career at age 15, her first hit song was Sentimental Journey, followed by her signature song, Que Sera Sera. Day spent three decades working as a singer, dancer, and actress in many iconic Hollywood films.

Since the ‘70s, Day had focused her energy on the Doris Day Animal Foundation. Her lifelong passion for animals compelled her to fight animal testing and to advocate for spay and neuter education and outreach programs in the United States.

Today, her early Spay Day program had become an international event, with World Spay Day providing thousands of free or reduced-cost spay and neuter surgeries in 75 countries around the world. The Doris Day Animal Foundation continues to provide support to smaller rescue organizations nationwide, with a special focus on those assisting senior pets.

Day’s passionate work on behalf of dogs, cats, horses, sea lions, raptors, and other animals in need of rescue will continue. The Doris Day Animal Foundation is committed to continuing Day’s work through grant-giving and funding smaller animal welfare nonprofits across the country.

Help remember Doris Day and her amazing work on behalf of all animals and consider donating to the Doris Day Animal Foundation HERE!

You can help all animals and our planet by choosing compassion on your plate and in your glass. #GoVeg

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