Breaking! Liberation Philadelphia Helps Rescue Close To 300 Abandoned Chicks; Insist They Be Sent To Vegan Sanctuaries

Photo from PSPCA, Facebook

The discovery of hundreds of newborn chicks abandoned in a Philadelphia parking lot over the weekend has many people talking, some making excuses, and fortunately, others helping to save their lives while working to ensure that these innocent beings are never mistreated again.

“Today, activists saved close to 800 baby chicks that had been bred for their meat and were being given away to strangers. They were left stranded in intense heat under a plastic tarp with no food or water,” noted animal rights activist Mansi Verindra on Liberation Philadelphia’s Facebook page on Saturday, explaining that other compassionate people such as herself raced to the scene to help.

Photo from Liberation Philadelphia, Facebook

According to the organization, tragically, many of the neglected animals were found gravely sick, injured or dead due to poor conditions. It is estimated, as of this morning, approximately 300 chicks survived.

Photos from Liberation Philadelphia, Facebook

According to Liberation Philadelphia, local police confronted the person who was responsible for leaving the baby chicks after an arrangement to sell them fell through. The yet-to-be-named perpetrator, who will face legal consequences for animal cruelty, reported that there were initially 2,500 chicks before shockingly some of them were buried.

The Pennsylvania SPCA posted on its Facebook page confirming yesterday that “after receiving several calls, the PSPCA’s Humane Law Enforcement Department responded to the 5500 block of Whitaker Avenue on Saturday morning” to help rescue the chicks.

While the chicks are currently being held at the PSPCA, Liberation Philadelphia assured those concerned about the animals that “activists are remaining involved by arranging for permanent housing and advocating for the fair treatment of the chickens. They insist the animals be placed with vegan caretakers to ensure that the chickens not be exploited further during their lives.”

Bottom line: While there may be differing versions of the story or various opinions, the fact is that this was a deplorable case of animal cruelty that should have never taken place.

The welfare of the animals, who will hopefully now be placed in appropriate vegan sanctuaries and micro-sanctuaries, is what is most important.

“This was one of the biggest open rescues I have been a part of. I’m glad there are people who care about non-human animals,” stated Verindra. “Again, I will ask my friends and family to re-consider their choices and live vegan. Animals are not ours to eat.”

Anyone with information about the case or any others involving animal cruelty, are urged to call the Pennsylvania SPCA’s cruelty hotline at 866-601-SPCA. Tips can be left anonymously.

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