Breaking! Madrid, Spain: Thousands Rally To End Bullfighting


Today, September 10th, in Madrid, Spain, thousands of people came together to join forces and put an end to the cruel tradition of bullfighting.

People from around the world have traveled to Spain to join the protests on the streets of Madrid and help spread the humane movement worldwide.

As a result of the public outcry to end the torture “sport”, the number of bullfights has diminished in Spain every year.


Manuela Carmena Castrillo, Spanish Supreme Court Judge and current Mayor of Madrid, has withdrawn subsidies for bullfighting schools.

The Canary Islands became the first Island in Spain to ban bullfighting. Immediately following was the region of Catalonia, Spain who was second to ban the bloodsport. Castilla y Leon recently followed suit to ban the killing of bulls at their local festivals.

The first matador in 30 years died this year after being gored to death in the ring.

Now is the time that the cruel “sport” of bullfighting must end!

Video Credit: RUPTLY TV

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