Breaking! Man Arrested After More Than 700 Dogs Were Rescued From His ‘Puppy Mill’ In Nashville, Georgia

Berrien County Sheriff’s Office

There are many questions that have yet to be answered regarding the recent rescue of 630 severely neglected dogs from a “licensed breeder’s” property turned puppy mill; including why Reason Craig Gray of Nashville, Georgia, was able to have hundreds of dogs in the first place.

While that remains under investigation, this morning WAN learned some significant updates including the fact that Gray, who was found in possession of 85 more dogs yesterday, has been arrested and is in jail facing multiple charges of animal cruelty.

As per a post on the Berrien County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page, the department was alerted by the Georgia Department of Agriculture on Thursday, that Gray admitted he brought more puppies back to his property on which he operates his business known as Georgia Puppies.

A search warrant was immediately executed resulting in the seizure of the other 85 dogs by the Berrien County Animal Control and other local rescue organizations.

It is believed that Gray had moved these dogs, most young puppies, out of his facility sometime during the voluntary surrender of the 630 dogs last week and brought them back to the property a day or two later.

“There are numerous charges pending on Gray, and as the investigation continues to unfold, there is no way to tell just how many charges will be filed,” stated Berrien County Sheriff Ray Paulk. “We are currently obtaining more documentation from the veterinarian examinations, retrieving statements, and reviewing the Georgia Department of Agriculture’s reports.”

During the initial inspection at his home, Gray told the Department of Agriculture that several situations had arisen beyond his control, and that he would be unable to continue to maintain the dogs in his possession. Gray also surrendered his Pet Dealers License to The Georgia Department of Agriculture.

Berrien County Animal Control was called to come in to assist in the removal of the dogs from the property. They, in turn, enlisted the help of other local nonprofit animal rescues to help with the monumental task of relocating hundreds of dogs.

“Over the last four days, the HSVLC assisted in the dismantling of one of the larger breeding/hoarding situations in Georgia history,” explained the Humane Society of Valdosta Lowndes County in a post on its Facebook page. “Many of the dogs were coated in feces, had extremely overgrown nails and damaged teeth. They have never known a quiet life of love outside of a cramped cage.”

HSVLC also shared that many of the rescued dogs are currently at the Atlanta Humane Society recovering and healing until they become adoptable.

“They aren’t alone anymore,” said a powerful post on the Atlanta Humane Society Facebook page. “Wrapped in the arms of our loving staff and volunteers, the dogs we took in from the South Georgia neglect case will never again feel the pain of hunger, the weight of mats clinging to their fur, or the loneliness that comes from living their whole lives in a cage.”

Sadly, there are dogs trapped in houses of horrors such as the one noted above all around the world.

Please consider donating to the animal welfare organizations linked above. They were critical to the rescue and current care of these precious animals.

People interested in adopting a dog from this case locally are encouraged to visit USA Rescue Team and BARC Humane society. Foster families are also urgently needed.

A list of close to 30 animal organizations that participated in the rescue is available on The Berrien County Animal Shelter Facebook page HERE!

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