Breaking! McDonald’s Germany Launches Its 1st Meatless Burger, The Big Vegan TS!

Photos from McDonald’s Germany

In a trend picking up traction worldwide, McDonald’s Germany has announced that it will introduce its first vegan burger beginning on April 29th.

As per the company, The Big Vegan TS is the latest move in its recent credibility campaign which aims to demonstrate that McDonald’s “is constantly working to improve” as it responds to the “call for meatless protein sources which is getting louder and louder.”

“Improving for us means that we are brave enough to try new ways,” Philipp Wachholz, company spokesman for McDonald’s Germany, said in a statement. ” This gives us more choice and we are convinced that our new vegan burger will meet the taste and satisfy all McDonald’s fans.”

The heart of McDonald’s new vegan burger is a patty based on soy and wheat, which delivers a meaty taste, texture and appearance. The patty is served in a classic sesame bun and garnished with Lollo Bionda salad, tomato, salt, cucumber, and red onions. Ketchup and mustard complete the vegan taste experience.

While the Big Vegan TS will be available in many participating restaurants throughout the country, its restaurants with limited product range, the satellites, will offer a smaller version of the burger.

The new vegan burgers are replacing the Veggie Burger TS from the standard menu in Germany.

You can help all animals and our planet by choosing compassion on your plate and in your glass. #GoVeg

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