Breaking! Miniature Horse Rescued From Roof During The Aftermath Of Devastating Floods In Japan

Photos from Peace Wind Japan.

A 9-year-old miniature mare was found and rescued on Monday after becoming stranded on a roof, but sadly, the search for her young colt continues.

The horses went missing in the torrential  down pour after Japan’s devastating floods forced the staff at Life Town Mabi, a long-term health-care facility for the elderly in the Mabicho district of Kakehashi, to evacuate on Friday and release the animals before floodwaters swept through the area.

The Japan Times reported that a rescue team from Peace Winds Japan, a non-profit organization that helps in disaster-relief activities in the affected area, found the horse, named Leaf, while on its way to an evacuation shelter.

Before the team could rescue Leaf from the roof of a private home close to Life Town, she reportedly lost her footing and fell to the ground on her torso.

Fortunately, she sustained only minor injuries to her leg.

Leaf, who was originally secured from a farm in Osaka, is now recuperating at Mabi Farm, which was also severely damaged by the floods and rain.

While it may never be known how this brave little horse ended up on the roof, it is believed that she may have used the rising waters to climb to safety.

Encouraged by Leaf’s rescue, local residents are posting pictures of her one-year-old colt, Earth, on social media, requesting that anyone who may have seen the animal to share information and to help reunite him with his mother.

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